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Supply Lists

Please Note: The Supply Lists below are for IN PERSON Instruction. All you need for DISTANCE LEARNING will be handed out on 8/12 at the Supply Pick-up!

Kinder Supplies


Janine Wagner TK/K

Lisa Mallory K

1st Grade Supplies

1st Grade

Patti DuncanRice K/1

& Cheri Roben 1

2nd Grade Supplies

2nd Grade

Dina Lee & Kayleen Leong

3rd Grade Supplies

3rd Grade

Kelly Clinite & Jennifer Betti

4th Grade Supplies

4th Grade

Katie Laurie & Alex Marino

5th Grade Supplies

5th Grade

Melanie Asaro & Mackenzie Erb


Distance Learning School Schedule

Traditional School Schedule

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures

To ensure our students are safe and our parking lot runs efficiently, we need your help! Below are the procedures for dropping your children off at school and for picking them up:


Entrance gates open at 7:45am and are closed at 8:20am. If you arrive late, please check in through the main office.

Locations: The black gate or playground entrance off of Monterey Road.

Black Gate: If you are using the unloading/loading zone, please stay in your car and pull up as far as you can past the crosswalk before letting your child exit the car. Students must exit out of the right side of the vehicle.

While on Campus

First, all students hang their backpacks up outside their classrooms and walk to the playground to play until the 8:15 bell. Please do not wait in the hallways with your child.

Kindergarten: Line up outside of your classroom. Parents are required to park and walk their child to and from kindergarten each day.

1st-3rd: Line up with your class on the playground.

4th/5th: Walk up the ramp to your classrooms and line up outside of the door quietly.


Locations: The black gate or playground entrance off of Monterey Road.

The gates open at 2:40 pm. Parents are more than welcome to park, walk on campus, and wait in the quad area for their children or drive through our loading zone to pick up.

Black Gate: If you are using our loading zone to pick up, please remind your child to wait calmly at the black gate and watch for your car. All parents are to stay in the car and continue to move forward along the loading zone. We have staff helping to make sure your children remain safe while helping with the flow of traffic. Your child will walk to load into your car as soon as you pull past the crosswalk. Students must load on the right side of the car.

Monterey Road School Handbook

MontereyRoadHandbook 19-20

Parent/Student Handbook

Please review this handbook for further explanation of school policies, as well as to find general information regarding our school.