Drop Off/Pick Up

MRES Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

     To ensure our students are safe and our parking lot runs efficiently, we need your help! Below are the procedures for dropping your children off at school and for picking them up:

    Parents are welcome to walk their child into school each morning or drop off at the two drop off locations. (main black gate entrance loading zone or off Monterey Road at the playground). If you are using the unloading/loading zone, please stay in your car and pull up as far as you can past the crosswalk before letting your child exit the car. Students must exit out of the right side of the vehicle. Once on campus, students hang their backpacks up outside their classrooms and walk to the playground to play until the 8:15 bell. Please do not wait in the hallways with your child as we want all students on the playground in the morning so our teachers can prepare for the day. At the 8:15 am bell, students (1st-3rd) line up with their class on the playground and 4th and 5th graders walk to their classrooms and line up outside. Kindergarteners also line up outside their classroom.  (Kinder parents are required to park and walk their child to and from class each day.) At 8:15, all parents are to head to their vehicles. We secure our campus at the 8:20 bell. Please do not drop your child off before 7:45 am. 

      Our parking lot has really improved after school. It takes a team and you are part of that team! Parents can help by making sure students know where to wait for you. There are two pick up locations (main black gate and playground). The gates open at 2:40 pm. Parents are more than welcome to park, walk on campus, and wait in the quad area for their children or drive through our loading zone to pick up. 

    If you are using our loading zone to pick up, please remind your child to wait calmly at the black gate and watch for your car. All parents are to stay in the car and continue to move forward along the loading zone. We have staff helping to make sure your children remain safe while helping with the flow of traffic. Your child will walk to load into your car as soon as you pull past the crosswalk. Students must load on the right side of the car. 

     Please do not drop off your child before 7:45 am. Please pick up your child by 3:00 pm. (We do not have supervision before and after those times.) We can’t thank you enough for all your support. Monterey Road is the place to be and it is because we have a partnership between school and home! Please do not hesitate to contact our front office if you have any questions.